My Experience

My Experience


Hardware Repair

SOLVED - Lenovo Thinkpad T460s black screen - burned Fuse on mainboard
I have Lenovo T460s with Intel i7 6600u and wQHD LCD 2560x1440. There is some short on mainboard and LCD will not turn on. External HDMI monitor works. I tried repair service and they did not fix it. After 2years I found this repair video, so I disassembled my notebook


Gitlab CI

  1. Customized deployment template for static js app build served from AWS S3 bucket via AWS CloudFlare  

    Better option for now is Gitlab AutoDevops - no more work needed here, if you are using Kubernetes
  2. Updated code in Gitlab will be compiled on AWS Code Build and Gitlab pipeline will get current build log from CodeBuild and will finish after CodeBuild is done. (you can build on AWS your .NET Framework apps on Windows Server)


Contribution work

Symfony patches