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My Experience

Terraform example 1: Hetzner DNS via Terraform
How to configure DNS records programmatically - My article is here https://www.exploit.cz/hetzner-dns-via-terraform/

Terraform example 2: Create your own Kubernetes Cluster in Hetzner Cloud

Link to my Github https://github.com/insekticid/docker-terraform-hcloud-example/tree/rancher2-deploy/terraform

Solution is now obsolete (2 years old), but it could be useful for someone as a starting template.

Terraform example 3: Autogenerate LoadBalancer config for Nginx



Gitlab CI

  1. Customized deployment template for static js app build served from AWS S3 bucket via AWS CloudFlare

    Better option for now is Gitlab Autodevops - no more work needed here, if you are using Kubernetes
  2. Updated code in Gitlab will be compiled on AWS Code Build and Gitlab pipeline will get current build log from CodeBuild and will finish after CodeBuild is done. (you can build on AWS your .NET Framework apps on Windows Server)

I made a Docker init container with CZ/SK Hunspell for ElasticSearch.


Some examples, how I use ElasticSearch - e.g. node.js sitemap generator from ElasticSearch


In my Symfony app I am using forked https://github.com/FriendsOfSymfony/FOSElasticaBundle (official version is not compatible with Symfony 5)

My article how to use multiple ElasticSearch indexes in Symfony App


But in new project I started with https://github.com/jolicode/elastically
Trimmed schema is here https://gist.github.com/insekticid/452fc7e5619d3a2dff2d9c6d924c50b9#gistcomment-3390059

PHP Symfony Search Code example https://gist.github.com/insekticid/452fc7e5619d3a2dff2d9c6d924c50b9#gistcomment-3390088

PHP Symfony Esi Cache debug https://www.exploit.cz/resolve-not-working-symfony-esi-ssi-caching/

Contribution work

Symfony patches